Want to Grow? 3 Things to Remember as You Embark on Your Journey

Want to Grow? 3 Things to Remember as You Embark on Your Journey

We want to grow and have improved relationships. But the problem arises when we look at ourselves and see that we’re not yet who we want to be, and become disheartened.

After you’ve realized the areas of yourself that you want to develop it’s possible to get stuck there. To beat yourself up over why you’re in that place. Or to cast blame on anyone and everything you can think of. It’s possible to begin feeling hopeless and thinking that nothing will change. But don’t be dismayed. Remember that you have the ability to change, that this is something you have control over. Consider these ways to keep yourself from giving up or getting stuck.

Recognize where you’ve come from

Acknowledge the growth that has already taken place. You have developed insight into your problems, which many people live a lifetime and aren’t able to do. Remember that there was a time when you didn’t have this insight. So be appreciative of your progress.

When you recognize that you’re still making mistakes that aren’t leading you to your desired goal or outcome, don’t beat yourself up. Keep in mind that there was time that you could have made such a mistake and not realized that it was a mistake. Instead of scolding yourself, be reflective. Think about how you got to the point where you made the mistake. What were the circumstances? What could you have done differently? Allow some room for mistakes. There’s a purpose in a mistake. Use these mistakes as learning opportunities.

Be patient with the process

It will take time to change and develop new habits. Expect a period of time to consistently implement new strategies and see results. It will take time for you to reach your goals. You’ll make mistakes and mess up along the way, but know that this is normal. It’s a part of growing.

Have patience with yourself. Don’t expect that you will be perfectly implement each strategy or action step in order to reach your goal. And don’t become obsessed with the future when you’ll achieve your goal. Appreciate the present and stay in the moment.

Let growth excite you

Keep in mind that you’ll never be perfect, but you can continue to grow and be better next year than you were this year. Though it’ll be hard to do this if you focus on any negative aspects of growth or look at growing as work that you don’t want to do. Let it excite you that you have the power to be who you want. That you have the power to set goals and achieve them.

Investing in yourself and committing to growth is a worthy thing to do. If you want to grow, it does take work, but if you don’t give up you can get to where you want to be. Remember not to get stuck when you don’t see the change you want. Remember to be appreciative of your progress, be patient in your growth process and be excited that you have the power to be who you want to be.

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